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The kids are alright

Here's another set of kids for wargames. These are contemporary kids (mostly) as opposed to some of the historical (villagers, powder monkeys) or scifi ones.

These are converted from 'Clix - HeroClix and HorrorClix. Because there is a paucity of such figures, a little conversion helps.

For example, these aren't kids. They are ... or were ... leprechauns. Since we had modern "kids" in decidedly not modern clothes, I had to work with it a little.

For example, why would a kid hat a suit and bowler style hat on? In one case, I went with making a Victorian kid (mostly contemporary), and then gave him a kite (bit of paper connected with a straightened out piece of paper clip) to bring the user back to this being a kid rather than a small adult.

For the other one, I clipped the hat down to a front brim, making is close enough to a ball cap. From that, short pants and the jacket put him in a private school uniform. The cricket bat is a bit large ... honestly I considered giving him a guitar, but I would need at least a teenager for that.

These two are "monster hunter" kids from HorrorClix. Since I had two of the model, I made one with them both on it together (the way the model comes), and then two singly based figures. In a game, this could allow the kids to hunt monsters in two "modes" ... alone or together.

The last one is a HeroClix "babysitter" with two twins. Twins, because I used the same model for both. The boy got his hand repositioned and the girl got some paper bit pigtails added. After painting them up in different schemes, they make a good pair of distinct, but related models.