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KISS an Orc?

So, we're starting with Zvezda orcs again. Got a lot of them and they work pretty well for conversions.

I've got three spears and two maces (one cast in hand, one cut from another one of the same arm in which the first was cast) and a little round green thing. That thing is the base of a knight from a small chess set where the cat has mauled a couple of the pieces. Thus the remaining random bits become conversion fodder.

I like using spears for the guitar necks. Every orc is an infantryman first, right?

I just cut some body shapes out of foam, then carve a little channel in them and glue the spear on what will be the back of the guitar.

Here, I've mounted the upside down chess piece base as a drum and added some skulls. The felt on the bottom of the chess piece base will give us a nice texture for the drum head. I've also attached the second mace to the extra arm. Drumsticks, maces, poTAYyo, poTAHto.

Then we just assemble the rest of the pieces. Since the guitar hold position is not a native position of weapon and shield arms, you can see some air dry clay I used as filler. I just trim the shoulders till the arms fit right, glue them on, the fill in the gaps once the arms are set.

And that gives us these four dudes!

Oh, yes, I added a cut pieces of twist tie to the mouth of the Gene Simmons orc to make a long tongue.

Here's the audience ... a vampirella conversion (lots of female HeroClix are in spandex, so you can add the "painted on" bikini) and some slavering ghouls. All in all, pretty reminiscent of the KISS concert I went to way back when.