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Korean Museum of War

A quixk tour around the outside of the Korean museum of war, starting with the monument out front.

About the Museum

And the outside of the museum.

No pics inside the museum, but the outside exhibits ...

Being a Navy guy, this is a good start. A PT-type boat. Really needs to be an outside exhibit.

And she even looks good close up like this. Lots of bullet holes, but she made it home, so that's the best way you can look.

Who knew there were buffalloes in Korea? Well, there is a good old (I mean old) US B-52!

Music reference at your discretion.

Nice missiles, kind of ouside my domain.

But a 5"/54 naval gun absolutely is!

So are these countermeasure launchers.

These guys are also in the domain, but not during my timeframe. But I gotta love 'em!

APC are cool. Also, having ridden in them, I firmly believe there was a design criterion in the rolling coffins that cramped, confined, and cut you off from awareness to the point where you were perfectly ready to charge out of the thing into any environment.

And this guy is awesome. I love the ability to leverage pretty much anything into a new performance space. They call that a "life hack" nowadays. We used to call it "Improvise, adapt, and overcome."

And a missile farm. Gotta have a missile farm.

And awesomeness.

How do you know a free country from an oppressive one? You have to defect from an oppressive one. If you're in a free one, you can just leave.