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Medieval Knights

This is your basic GW chaos type knight. It has a nice look that I would like to move over toward some Medieval knights from the Northern regions. The bulkiness and furs will work well toward that. Even the horny helmets, though historically they were not as widespread as this unit will make them.

The big thing is to deal with that chaos symbol...

But before that, I want one on horseback. So I am going to leverage this Rocket Raccoon toy I got. To make him fit in with the other knights, I will use one of their helmets and one of their weapons. Then I will add the cape. With those two stylisitc details and a matching paint job, I think he will blend in fine.

The polearm isn't from the GW figs. But I will give it to one of the GW figs in order to steal his weapon. for my horseman. Likewise, I will need to add a head from my spare head bin.

Here is the start. I've grabbed an oversized (1:48) mule and dressed him up a bit.

And I've added the head and a bit of plastic for a cape.

And to flesh out the cape, I've put on a bit of liquid latex. I let it dry for about 20 min, then teased up the fur part. And I used some lines of liquid latex to make the cape billow a bit and to fill in gaps where the cape folds up on the mount.

We'll see how that comes out a bit later. For now, I need to get rid of the chaos styling. The spiky bit cuts right off. And, honestly, carving the arrows off the shields was a lot easier than I thought.

I only need to get rid of the "X" arrows and then shave down the "+" part to give me raised Eastern Christian designs.

Here's the whole horde, looking none the worse for the alterations. The various crosses came out decent, and the horseman back there seems to fit in. I gave him a banner instead of a weapon. After a couple of test fits I thought the banner did a good job of de-emphasizing (read: hiding) the differences.

Here's a close up of my two infantry leaders. The one on the left was a skull head. All I had to do was to glue on a bit of plastic to make a nose. Then he just worked out to look like a really mean dude. The one on the right has a head from a Hero Clix Fury miniature. I like the hair on this one for a shaggy Northerner.

Here's a detailed look at the horseman in the back. He's got a Wheel of Catherine to tie back to the theme.


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