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The Koosh Boosh!

This is a simple little idea using some stupid little koosh balls I happened to have. No idea where they came from, but I think they had been drinking as they are blurry and out of focus. So is the next WIP pic, so, it's not you.

The idea is to take the koosh balls, cut them in half, base them up, and then paint them like little bushes.

Another little bit of fun it to paint up some strips of paper napkin, roll them up and then cut little flower buds off the roll. This gives the plants just a little zing. I went with only red this time, but oranges and yellows are good, too.

Here they are in situ. Pretty nice for the low amount of effort - glue, prime, base color, highlight, and add flowers. These ones are not too tall, but there are lots of different size koosh ball out there. Since this worked out well, I will have to go get some others.


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