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Die Kurbistruppe

This is one in a series of projects building units (the smallest autonomous forces) for Brigade Games' Gnome Wars. It's a nice little game, and plays well at conventions. We heard about it at the Old Dominion Military Society's semi-annual gaming conference. Had a good time at the con playing and really like the figures. So we got some, but, of course, we can't just paint 'em up and go, so here is our take on Kurbistruppen (pumpkin soldiers).

The picklehauben are just too cute, so I really needed to do something cute with them. Pumpkins. Plus the pumpkin theme is easy to accessorize in the craft store. Especially if you grab up stuff during the after Halloween sale. Along that line, these are just primed German gnomes, except the beer grenadiers have had their hands chopped off and replaced by empty Knedatite hands.

Once more, I am going to make my own close combat gnomes. This time I am co-opting some old school GW Chaos Space Marines. Taking their guns and adding beards will make them nice pumpkin carvers.

Here are the carvers, painted up. The pickles become brown pumpkin stems. I used some shredded bits of crêpe paper to make the leaves and vines. The tank is just a foam pumpkin from the craft store. I added wheels and used drinking straws for the stack and gun.

Here you get a look at the pumpkin grenadiers. The thing in their hands is a "putka" pod. It is the seed pod of a Southcentral Asian plant. Kinda looks like a pumpkin. And craft stores carry them. So as well as the grenadiers, I got to convert an Ex Illis catapult, make an ammo stack, and add some to some of the figure bases. I think I will be able to use the pumpkins on the base to denote leader figures or special abilities when I use these guys for something other than Gnome Wars.

Here is the overview of the whole thing. Gnome Wars also has a witch figure who controls a set of exploding Jack-o-Lanterns. I think I will try my hand at one of these. I also think I will try my hand at not blowing up my own forces with them now that I have my own copy of the Gnome Wars rules.


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