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15mm Planes

Here are a couple cheap toy planes that I want to turn into terrain pieces. They are decent for 15mm scale and will let me clutter up an airport, military airstrip, or flight deck.

Since they are pretty basic shape, I am just doing some basic block painting to make them look a little more generic. This one gets some grey undercoat and light grey drybrushing. The cockpit is silver, and I lined out the details to give them a little emphasis.

From the side view, we can see that the plane, without landing gear, sits way too low to be realistic. But the size and volume is decent for giving some blocked and obstructed line of sight in a game.

These ones have more of a scifi feel, so they can go with a modern or far future scenario.

Again, they sit on the ground, but still provide a decent sized blocking terrain bit that is reasonable for a single person fighter plane.