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Iron Snakes Space Marine Legion

Space Marines need to start with ... space.
This is my outer space mat. Just a big black piece of felt with some star and nebula patterns on it. Enough stars to make it look spacey, but not so many that I am going to be sad that I am covering up my artwork with planets, asteroids and * massive space stations

And a black hole (which is hopefully far away from the viewer/minis) at one end, so it may or may not be visible, depending on how the mat is folded and what size table its on.

But we don't want our space marines just floating in space (well, some of them will end up that way), so We need a platform. Since Iron Snakes are Greek themed, I chose my ancient pavers. Each of these is a 6"x6"x1" piece of plyboard with a paper patter wrapped on the top and sides. There are two patterns, cobble, and big tiles.

OK ... one legion of space marines, as promised.
It's 1K+, since I have the ships and knight titans there, which would represent some marines being inside. I have a couple of tanks and rhinos, too (not shown).
Click for Big Pic

These are the harpies and eyrines, both female squads. Actual Greek culture of "if you can do the job, do the job" overrides GW fluff. Note that the harpies (the bat winged ones) have actual harps as weapons.

And a bit of Clash of the Titans lore with clockwork owls. Complete in beakie helmets.

Some regular speeders and some custom one-man cavalry guys or flying bikes. These are converted from a a Heroclix Hawkeye on a jet bike.

And some smaller one-man air cav on surfboards ... well, Star Wars vulture droid ships.

Some alternate terminators in front of terminators proper. Again, a Heroclix, this time Crimson Dynamo. I mean ... he's got ridiculously large pauldrons. How does that not beg to become a space marine?

The most important part of all military formations. They guy just to the dreadnought's right (our left sdie as we look at the picture). It's the one guy in parade formation who is going the wrong way. Always gotta be one.

I believe Iron Snakes don't have scouts. But mine do. They are saytrs. Gotta have satyrs.

The nine primaris guys are crowded around the big knight titan. One with a pauldron from each of the ... uhm ... gene seed? legions. Is that right? I don't feel like looking it up again.

Here are the special terminators: Jason, Diana, Prometheus, Artemis, Hercules, Caylpso, Hermes, Hephestus, Echo, and Psyche.

Another dreadnaught ... Hades with Persephone and his dog. And some skilos (dog) troopers with little robot dogs. The dogs are MechWarrior Fenrir armour units. I love those for 28mm robodogs!

And a terminator with a ridiculous missile launcher on top. You can also see one of the Iron Snakes drones in there, just droining around.