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Square Squid Temple

Here we find our intrepid investigators, Herb Tarlek and Les Nessman (HEY! These are my figures ... I can name them what I want.) heading into what appears to be an abandoned (?) temple...

Almost immediately, Les is confronted by something lurking behind a pillar. Skeevy snakemen! They always slither around in places where you can't get a good shot at them.

Unless, of course, they think they have you outnumbered..!

So, LEGO bricks for 28mm terrain ...

  • Yes, you can paint on LEGO.
  • Hardy ... this is two years old with no touchups!
  • Decent look for things you want blocky.
  • Working stairs (metal figs balance on them) that look good.
  • Same thing for arches.
  • Alcoves and protrusions are no problem.


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