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Sci Fi Computer Consoles

This is a pretty simple bit to make, but it really helps fill out an indoor sci fi scenario. Computer consoles made by gluing two bottlecaps together.

And then painting some type of display on the top.

Cheap, easy, and quick to make. Very useful. You don't even need to take a lot of care storing them.

And you can use lots of different bits. This was a spacer that came in a piece of assemble your own furniture. I added legs below and it becomes a tabletop console.

Because it was clear, I painted the display bits on the under side of the table, then blacked the screen in after.

A couple of greeblies on the top, then Jojo and Chucky have a nice strategic view over which to discuss. I recommend agreeing glowingly with whatever Jojo says.

If you have transparent or translucent bottlecaps, the paint under technique will work with those as well.

This shows that even if they are separate units, you can arrange them to get all kinds of effects and terrain blockage/cover.

But wait ... can we use this too?

Of course! I could have painted over the product code on the side, but I ended up liking it.

Anyone recognize those custom console bits in the back? Just decorate away on them!

Apparently, you can even just buy things (like the 60's console in the back), or have your daughter 3D print them (like the standy ones in the front).