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Light Box

This is a quick little miniature photography background idea. It relies on origamai (paper folding) and kirigami (paper cutting). You could do it with just origami, but it would be waaaaay harder and take a larger piece of paper for a smaller set.

I am using a piece of scrapbooking paper. It's thick. It has one textured side and one plain, white side. And it's 12"x12", which is good sized.

The first fold is to fold it in half with the texture on the outside.

Open it up.

Then fold in half the other way, with the texture on the outside.

Open. You have what are called two "valley folds", beause looking at the paper this way, it's like you are looking into valleys.

If you flipped it over, the would be "mountain folds".

Now kirigami. Cut one of the valleys from the edge to the center.

Now, we're going to make the lightbox. Grab at the two X's. Slide the red side under the green one so the red X ends up underneath the green one.

That gives you this. A nice little self-standing theater for taking pics of your minis.

You can also refold it around to have all the other side showing, or, like this, with two of one and one of the other.

And it folds down and stores like this.


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