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Mucha Lucha!

Not anything especially impressive here, just some remounts and repaints of HeroClix as luchadores/wrasslers. Superheroes in spandex are pretty easy to see as TV wrestlers ... in fact, a couple of these didn't get anything but a rebasing.

This is The Blob and two Wonder Man versions. I could have left the Blob as is, but I thought he neede a little more pizzaz in his outfit. One WM got an upgraded bling belt, and the other a complete makeover into red, white, and blue.

There is a hush figure poking out in the background. Bad shot of him, but I didn't do anything to him, so...

... on to Sabretooth, Piledriver, and Strong Guy. Piledriver is pretty much a spandex clad wrestler, so I made him into a nekkid one wearing just a little green speedo. Sabretooth is jungled up a bit and Strong Guy apparently loves the gold lame.

Doc Sampson in pink pants, a generic thug pirated up (patch and tattoos) right there with El Gaucho in back, just rebased.

An old Havok and a new Electrocutioner as modern version gladiators. Still, they could go with some of my existing gladiators.

And here is the reason I needed to do luchadores in the first place - I got the Hellboy in Mexico trade paper.


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