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Three Quick Project Pics

I'm really lycan this conversion. No WIP, but it's pretty straightforward. Cut off the heads and put on the new ones, taken from a 'Clix Man-Wolf figure. If you're not familiar with Man-Wolf, Spider-Man's cigar chomping arch nemesis, The Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah (JJ to his friends, of which he has none.) Jameson's son was an astronaut who was irradiated during a low-orbit mission, turning him into a werewolf. No, really.

I have been asked about the pauldron insignia for these Iron Snake space marines. Why don't I have a template, or print them out, or buy decals? You know they're not all identical, right? Of course they're not identical from decals, etc. According to my knowledge of GW lore (mostly from 1d4chan, the source of all knowledge), the Iron Snakes of the ocean world of Ithika (see a theme here already?) test space marine candidates by dropping them nekkid on a small rock in the middle of the sea armed with a toothpick with which they are supposed to slay one of the giant sea snakes that inhabit (pretty much own) the planet. Definitely an epic Greek hero quest thing. Ithika, right? So my IS pauldrons are unqiue because they are depictions of the actual sneesneeky they killed.

Albino skinks. That's about it.

It takes a zombie to raze a village. In this case, it takes four of them to spell Y M C A. Got a cowboy and an Army guy in there too from the later incarnations.

So, uhm ... this guy. I, uh, had a cheap plastic lion toy body lyin' around. It's head went to a Hercules-themed SM Terminator. And I have made lots of slimy underwater monstrosities, including ones using this cheap plastic snail's shell. Two great tastes that taste grea... no, let's not do that.