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Getting More Options with Magnetic Paint

I've used magnetic paint before to allow spacemen to walk along the outside of a giant space station at all kinds of odd angles. Today, I'm going to use it to trick out some Postal trucks.

Since the paint is magnetic, not magnetized, we will need some magnets to use to attach various and sundry acoutrements to the outside. I usually scarf up extra refrigerator magnets from promotional events, so I have a ready supply of materials. You can cut them into squares with scissors, but I really like my big hole punch.

Here are the vehicles with mag paint, painted up, and sealed with matte sealant on top. As we will see, a couple layers of stuff on top of the magnetic paint doesn't really affect the ability of the magnets to stick to it. You might also notice it's not a very even paint job. That's me. The magnetic paint is a latex primer, so you either have to take your time with it to get an even coat, or not worry about it. You can tell which route I took.

Here is the first optional load out. Not only does the turret stick to the top of the truck, but the insignia stick to the side of the van.

Now, would I glue the truck on the underside of an i-beam on a skyscraper and then hang upside down from the turrent 1,000 feet up? Well, no. But the magnets keep the turret and insignia in place for decent play wear, through josteling and repositioning of the truck.

Here's one of the other trucks with what I am going to call a water cannon on it. Since it is held on by a magnet, the water cannon is repositionable independently of the truck. This is nice if you want to face the truck down the street to run over the cordon of protesting hippies while strafing the onlooking hippies on the sidewalk as you drive past.

So, not only can you put insignia on a truck. And take it off. And swap out the turret for a comms gear. But you can swap out insignia. I find this to be the biggest bonus, and what makes it worth messing with the mag paint. I only have one green truck, but it can be nekkid ... or a (neo-)Soviet official vehicle ... or MASH vehicle ...

... or a Mega City One Civil Defense assault ... er ... pacification truck!


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