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Steam Samurai and Doom Rider bitmashes

So, these are some nice bitmashes - figures made from a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Below, I have listed the different pieces that have been mashed together and show the final model.

The base figure for the steam powered samurai is a HeroClix Silver Samurai figure. The extra parts and mods are:

  • A - 40K Razorwing bits
  • B - Repositioned katana from horizontal to vertical
  • C - Sword hilts for power cells
  • D - Wires up the blade
  • E - He got a gun
  • F - Bits of bent wire as hydraulics

  • 1 - Leftover MechWarrior bit
  • 2 - More hydraulics
  • 3 - And still more!

Even though the 'Clix figure is a bit big, he stands all right against some other Japanese figures. The lower base helps. Also, he is in steam powered armour, so we would expect him to be a little oversized. Don't know if you can tell, but there are four different metallic colors on him. I think that helps sell the figure, even though you can't tell them apart like red, green, and blue.

I also added some plastic wrap to the sword after the figure was painted, and hit it with red and yellow in from Sharpie markers. It gives a good flame effect.

Doom Rider

The Doom Rider is an old school 40K piece. I thought it looked cool enough to give it a shot. I started with a regular space marine, then...

  • A - 40K Space Marine; arm and legs repositioned
  • B - Skull head from a HeroClix figure
  • C - Beer stein from Gnome Wars figure
  • D - Hot Wheels motorcycle
  • E - A couple of washers and the rim of a bottlecap
  • F - Wechwarrior body part; 'coz it needed more engine
  • G - Dinosaur skeleton tail
  • H - Machine gun from Dreamblade figure
  • J - Hot Wheels piece
  • K - HerocClix fight base
  • L - 40K skull bits

  • 1 - Some giant sword piece
  • 2 - 3 small sword hilts
  • 3 - 40K Eldar spiky decoration
  • 3 - a Double 'Clix base

Here he is against some "regular" space marines ... at least as regular as I can make them.


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