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Pulp Figures KickStarter

Pulp Figures had a KickStarter for several new sets of figures. I went all in way back when. They have arrived and I have based and painted them up. As always, while I am not a expert painter by any means, they were lots of fun to paint.

This set came with the sacrificial altar and and male bound victim (who seems to have been cropped out of the pic over there on the right). I didn't glue the victims to the altar so I can use both it and them for different things. The thing appearing in the background is just some scratchuilt monster I did years ago. He still gets around.

Here's the set of Asian figures. I went with green to match one of my existing oriental green and silver forces. That is also the colour scheme for the last one, so I could integrate the high priestess and the acolyte into this set if need be.

Here's a nice set of adventurers. I was a little concerned when I started painting that since these were all pulp genre figures, they would all end up in fifty shades of brown.

That didn't turn out to be such a problem as I went along. These few ended up being much more modern looking, so I gave them a more modern look. I love the horn rimmed glasses on the figure in the middle.

More exotic figures and styles made some very good character figures.

And a nice set of world travelers with tams and berets, etc. I am even reasonably pleased with my poor attempt at a plaid skirt. I wanted Marlene's tux to be just so, and it ended up being quite fatiguing ... "I'm tired ..."

And, of course, the piece of resistance, our motorcycle mama and her trusty mutt both speeding down the road, and dismounted and ready for action!