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Mexicagnome Cavalry

A while back we did some Mexicagnome conversions using Brigade Games Gnome Wars figures. So they got infantry and an awesome low-rider tank. But for Gnome Wars, they really need some cavalry to be competitive.

So we start with some basic components. Bases, scary monster heads, and tin foil - which will be rolled up to make armatures.

The armatures are longer than the bases so I can give them a curvy serpentine. But, no, they're not snakes...

By adding these killer worm heads from Defiance Games we end up with tequila worm "skeletons".

Using the armatures as a guide, I just wrap some Model Magic clay around them. A key point with using MM clay (and most other types) is to put the armatures on the bases before sculpting to them. In this case, it was also important to have the riders at hand to make sure that they would fit on the final models.

Mount 'em up!

And paint 'em up! I went with a base color to match the yellowed color of worms soaked in tequila. They have banderillos instead of guns in honor of the Rurales, Mexican calvalry (the equivalent of the RCMP in Canada) who kept the lance - and used it to great effect - well into the late 19th Century. Read up a bit about some of that looking into La Battalia de la Ciudad de Puebla, the Cinco de Mayo battle.


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