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Doomed Champion of Malal

When researching, reading, and chewing the fat about my Daughters of Malal project, it was pointed out that Malal was more of a doomed champion bad guy rather than an army of darkness bad guy. Which is a cool vibe, and I can dig it. (Did I just say that?) I went ahead with the DoM army peeps with the idea that they could be the minions or army of the doomed champion rather than a sect of Malal him/her/itself. Even Gilgamesh and Elric needed an army around at odd times. So here we go cutting up more 'Clix to mak two versions of a doomed champion for the chaotic chaos god...

So, the parts list starts with the new(er) She Hulk figure. While 'Clix may have variable quality in the sculpts, this one is in the outliers at the high end of awesomeness. First (as with many, especially female) 'Clix) she is near-nekkid/wearing tight spandex. This means I can pretty much just add what I want without worrying about carving stuff off. In addition, this specific figure has a lot of well-defined (if over the top) musculature. Again, a big bonus for this type of project. And to make the trifecta, she has an "open" pose with respect to conversion. That is, at the key joints - shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, neck - it is pretty easy to get a knife in there and make a nice cut. So cut I did.

The one on the right is only getting a right arm reposition and a hand swap. The one on the left (the fancier one) is also getting her left leg raised, to be standing on something's head. Speaking of the right hand swap, that's what Hellboy is doing there. I'll be using the Right Hand of Doom with sword on the fancier one and the Hellbaby Right Hand of Doom and a regular 40K chainsword thingy for the simpler one.

A quick detour from the 'Clix, here. I am making a chain belt for the fancy DCoM. This technique takes electrical wire and makes a series of square knots down the line. If you alternate the way you pull them, you end up with the above thing that looks like series of chain links (unless you look deep inside one of the links ... something you can't see without aid, especially on a figure on the table, or even a reasonable gawking distance). You can make this chain with thread (or cross-stitch floss), too. But the copper wire will be stiff enough to let me position the chain in a swoop.

So here's the simple one. I added a tabbard, kneepads, and one pauldron. Using the regular 40K chainsword and gun keeps this one more in line with the 40K vibe. I think the impracticality of just kneepads and one pauldron also keeps with the 40K vibe.

I am not usually a fan of decorative bases - I usually just go with plain black. But I thought a base that mirrors the DoM color scheme I chose would give this figure some "pop", which is important is a sea of chaotic black and white shapes.

Here is the more ornate one. One of the first things we find is the practical aspects of the kneepads. Since I had to cut and reposition the leg at the knee to get the pose I wanted, the kneepads allow me to hide the join rather than scuplt in the gap.

The chain belt came out nice, and since there is no such thing as "too many skulls" in 40K, it was pretty easy to figure out how to do off the end. The pauldron got the Three Horns of Malal (is that a thing?). And for some reason, the blood on this one seems to pop more than it does on the chainsword of the other one.

I had originally put this one on a lava base for a little more ummph, but it was way too busy. So I went with the black and white pattern instead.

So here is the whole happy family ... so far. There are four slightly larger and unarmed additions to the group as well. I had originally intended to arm them to the teeth and make them like those bigger space marine armour thingies. But I like them as they are. Much like wading into battle with one pauldron and two kneepads, wading in with no (obvious) weapons just reeks of badass.


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