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More Vermin Orcs!

More vermin animal tribe orcs. Again, like my raccoon orcs and my skunk orcs, made from a Blood Bowl football team.

Why rabbits? Well, if you've ever had a garden, you know what horrible little vermin they are. If you've only seen them in cartoons, go plant a garden. I'll wait.

Plus, like the raccorcs and skorcs, I wanted an easily iconically recoganizable animal. Moles, voles, shrews, groundpigs, etc. ... can't tell them apart in this type of dress up outfie. Maybe beavers later. But for now, long ears (paper) and fluffy tails (ripped up cotton ball). Once the ears and tail get paint and sealant, they will be stiffened up and fine for use on the table.

Thism however is not a bunny. It is a ~56mm tall 28mm figure of the Awesome Android, a Fantastic Four enemy. But he's a good ogre sized base figure to work from. Lots of muscles, open pose that's easy to reposition, and not much clothes to work around.

And a metal ogre head that looks to be about the same size.

The head works well, with some clay to fill in the back, and some leftover cross-stitch thread to give him a beard.

Now we play dress up. Ogre dress up. I ripped a piece of napkin that was saturated with wiped off paint. Glue at the shoulder. Wrap around. Glue at the hip. Keep wrapping. Glue in back. Wrap to front. Glue at side. This gives us a nice toga type ogre outfit.

But I thought we were doing orcs ...

Well, yes. But what would bunnies like these be without a Mister Mc Ogre and his cat?