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Welcome to Redwall!

So here are some Splintered Light Minis I picked up a few weeks back. Not a lot of conversion work for them ... I mean how could you mess with Bob Olley's scuplts? But I did go through a lot of decision making with the paint schemes. Starting with some of the simpler ones like these otters. In this case, they all have the same three colors in their fur and purple clothes and acoutrements. This results in a unified force that are easy to identify on the board at arm's length.

The decision on the color scheme comes from the fact that my mother-in-law likes otters and went to Northwestern University.

This is the basis for the next set. A set of mice and a set of rats. Well, almost. There are a few voles in with the rats and possibly some shrews in with the mice. But hopefully, the paint scheme will help that out. I have four colors of brown for the rat fur and four colors of grey for the mouse fur. I am thinking that this will both provide variety and unify the forces.

This is the start of the rats I have twelve figures allocated to this unit, so three rows of four. One triple of each as a base color for the fur.

Then ... the magic. I dry brush each set of three with the three other colors to get a two tone. Actually, twelve different two tones. This works for my desire for variety. While they will all be similar and recognizable as a group, each rat will also have unique fur.

And now for the mice. And some math. Four colors of grey results in twelve unique combinations (ignoring using the same color, which isn't a two tone). If we call the colors A, B, C, and D, we get:

  A   B   C   D
A --  AB  AC  AD

B BA  --  BC  BD

C CA  CB  --  CD

D DA  DB  DC  --

And the other pic. I did do a little modding. I didn't want standard bearers, so I made a spear. I think the next time I get some SL figures, I will get pretty much all spearmen. That will make a nice conversion into civilian farmers, etc.

Here is the final of the mice against the rats. I decided to go with swapping the fur and clothing colors, so the brown rats are in grey clothes and vice-versa. I also went with red eyes, which is something they do on the SL site ... I probably wouldn't have thought of that.

I also did some conversion on the big rat. Which isn't a rat. It's something else without a tail. I added the tail, so the eleven could become a pack of twelve.

And some foxes. I put these next to the dogs I did before from some other SL figures, and a Kitsune figure. I think this will make a nice set.

For the foxes, I went for some flashier clothing, but still had to go a little OCD on it. The six main ones are red-orange, orange-yellow, yellow-green, green-blue, blue-violet, and violet-red. I had two left so I did a black and white and a grey.

Splintered Light has some very nice minis that look good with even some moderate painting.


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