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Monkey Idol

This is a little Fischer Price (maybe?) toy my wife picked up in the checkout line for me. I like monkeys, it's kind of a thing and she thought this one was cute. She also didn't think it would stay that way...

First, he was mounted on a bottlecap. Then the banana was painted gold and the eyes silver. After that dried, the silver was coated with red ink to make a shiny eye set.

Then the big work. Grey paint, a little flour, some ballast, and wood glue to hold it all together transforms this cute little toy into an ancient idol. He got a light highlighting with lighter grey, then a black wash. Normally I do the wash first, but I wanted the wash to mute the highlights.

Also, from the above, I didn't like how the eyes came out. They were flat on the toy and just painted on. So they looked a little ... well ... flat on the idol. So I gouged out his eyes and painted the recesses black.

I put two small stones in the sockets and painted them hunter green. After that dried, I hit the eye rocks and the surrounding area with a day-glo green. The day-glo paints I have don't cover well. You pretty much have to paint an area white, then go over it with the day-glo colors. But it does make a nice "green glow" effect with the thin cover it provides.

All in all, not bad for a dollar cashier line impulse purchase.


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