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Monkey Conversions

Four different figures to work with. Monkey Boss is the key, we're making a monkey gang to support Monkey Boss.

MB got a little paint job upgrade. The fist up monkey with spear from the first pic (a Gorilla Grodd minion), got the big convert. I gave her a skirt, rolling pin, and that lovely pink with flowers paint job. A gangster's moll if ever I have seen one.
The generic monkeys in shirts and shorts got different shirts (I like the plaid). You can see the one in the back who got long pants, khakis.
The gun and crowbar apes (Monsieur Mallah from DC comics) got thinned down weapons.

This is my Victorian Circus starter ... who is missing?

A gorilla! And a bunch of other things, too.

This is a King Kong like ape general from the Monsterpocalypse game. Monsterpocalypse figures are a great source of conversion fodder.

So I just added a few bits and bobs to make a really nice giant ape for 28mm gaming. I suppose he would work for other scales, since these figures aren't really bound to a size.
... and here's how he compares to other sacle figures.