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Miscelaneous People

So the guy on the left is Action Jackson from Reaper (the Bones one), who is a great base for a conversion. I've done a regular dude conversion from him before, so now he will become ... a fantasy wizard!

Like this! I put him up on an elevated base (made from some left over Tar Pit legs) and gave him a head swap (don't worry ... the head shows up a bit later). I also took his gun hand off, so I can give it to Batman later.

And do this with his hand. This is from a sandwich bag, not plastic wrap, so it will keep this shape. And I'll decorate it up a bit.

Flame spray to match his awesome disco mage clothes!

So, it's elevated, and has a big, sticking out flame spray. Not a multi usable as I generally like, but still a nice figure, and I'll get some use out of it.

Interlude one gives us some Star Trek figures, some Hunger Games figures, and some other random stuff. Let's move to the Star Trek stuff first.

There were only seven different figures, but I can just repaint them as dudes with different color uniforms, to spread the poses across all the colors.

Also, I added goatees to a few of them to make them mirror universe bad guys.

These are some hunger game figures. I like the black uniforms to be Andoreans from Star Trek. All they need are sword hilts on the foreheads ... er antennae on their heads.

Then they fit in like this!

And the tow guys in the center are Star Wars Weequay Pirates. But I thought their clothes made decent klingon wear, so now I have two. If you're a Klingon, you would say the Federation guys are way outnumbered here...

So here are the rest of the Hunger Games figures. They make some decent generic modern civilians. Can't have too many of those.

And back to Action Jackson. They guy in the green jacket and grey pants (an outfit that matches my modern Yakuza figures) got the AJ head and a 'Clix Iron Man briefcase. Farther to the right is a 'Clix Shang Chi figure that got another AJ head ... Jim Kelly! And in the middle in metallic blue, an AJ body with a different head as a disco killer.


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