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Gators and Guts?

Here are two large (3" tall) HeroClix figures that are getting ready (do I really care if they're ready?) to become some more gatormen as opposed to gatorsaurus girls


This is a pretty simple conversion. Cut off the heads and tails (and wings of Dragon Man) and glue on plastic alligator toy heads and tails. Then Dress up their backs a bit with some liquid latex bumps to ease the transition from the gator parts to the other parts.

That leaves us with a question of what to do with the gator bodies. I'm a big fan of making unspeakable horrors, so a split sea cucumber and two shrimp heads later and we have a solution.

This HeroClix figure, Tar Pit (whom I do not know), will let me use the head from the Abomination figure. I have been needing some effrit. I think one well defined head will augment these guys to make a nice set of three.

The two gators painted up, with the large gatorsaurus gal in the background. Hapless cultists provided to show scale/size.

And the slimy weird things. Not as tall as the gatormen, but definitely bigger than a man, and very creepy.

I cut one leg off the Tar Pit figures to make these guys look like they are coming out of a pillar of smoke. I think the one well defined face and the other two more amorphous is a decent effect.

I also think the dude with the lantern ought to give the guy with the book the hint that he can stop reading the spells now.


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