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Sci Fi, Fantasy, and Modern, Oh my!

These are some lizards I got back on Black Friday at the FLGS sale. They were $1 each ($15 for 15 figs) and painted up really nice.

I got these ... well ... further back than last November. But I have them painted up and added a retro space ship and a "master brain commander" thing. I think it fits the retro vibe. And it was made with this after Halloween discount item.

A simpler bit, the Horror Clix vampire on the right was painted up to look like Mavis from Hotel Transylvania. Then I took a clipboard from another figure to change the second HCV into Abby Sciuto. So, obiously, the skull goes where the clipboard was, and you get Temperance Brennan.
If they show up opposing your forces, fear them.

I got some Primaris SM on sale. Apparently, the fluff is that they are cloned from the gene seed of the heads of the first nine leaders of the Royal Order of Water Buffalos. Or something. I will use them with my Iron Snakes, but I decided to give them the right pauldron of the original legion. Since this is really about the pauldrons, there is a bigger pic for you here.