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This is the second of three simple tutorials using some fancy M&M containers as a base for terrain conversions. This week, we will be exploiting the shape of the container to make a mushroom caps.

We used the threaded half of the container to make missile silos last time, so we have a bunch of plain dish caps left over now. These will be a little different that my favourite way to make mushrooms, with stacks of bottle caps glued together. Mostly because these are bigger and more natural looking. I still like bottlecap mushrooms (cheap, easy, decent look), but this is a good way to cover some area.

Above, you can see the basic idea ... glue an M&M container cap on to a plastic container. The four on the left use spray paint lids as the stalks. (My wife can no longer say I was keeping them for no reason!) The other side has a gum dispenser, two mouthwash bottle caps, and a snack continer for peanuts. The imporant thing is to decide whether you want identical ones or a variety. Identical ones can be a little easier for play (they are all the same height, same diameter so they provide the same elevation and cover). Variety looks better and makes the combat a little more varied, too.

The paint job might be a little too Smurfy for you, but it matches the bottlecap 'shrooms I already have. And it is a real mushroom ... fairly toxic one at that! The best part about this experiment is that, as shown by Daisy Duke up there, you can put figures on a reasonably large area of the top without having them fall off. Flat tops is one of the things I like about bottlecap 'shrooms, but the rounded ones make a rule about "If you let go and your figure falls, the character falls, too." possible.


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