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Whether you think that title is Pac-Man or Fozzie Bear, these M&M containers are being turned into sci-fi walkers!

These are pretty simple conversions. The flying saucer shape of the M&M container makes a great science fiction vehicle shape. That let's me use up all the scraps from Robo Gear sets and Hot Wheels Custom Motors Sets leftover pieces I have. So, if you were going to buy the candy anyway, it's like getting free vehicles.

Beyond the basic idea, there's not much to this one. The key is to remember that "things" are not "things" unless we say they are "things". F'r'ex, the leftmost model has "fists" for "feet"; the next, sawblades; and the third, airplane wings. Some of this has to do with the psychology of "affordances" - if you position the "arms" in the place where we expect legs and doing the function of legs then they are legs, not arms.

The GW Eldar figures give you a sense of the scale of these pieces. Maybe two- or three- man deals. I have the flyer balanced on top of the spraypaint cap, not glued to it. That way it can land, skim (at this height), or soar (two stacked caps), as I need it to.

It doesn't show up well in these pictures, but there is a lot more detailing on these pieces. I did the colored sections with sharpie over the silver paint base. That gives a shiny, metallic colored effect, which doesn't show up well in photos (based on my skill level) for the subtler parts. All of the rivets and seams have a light blue color to make them stand out. The joints and seams of the legs got a gray color as well. I think the vibrant colors on the other ships show up alright in the pix.


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