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Dino Museum

Waiting around. Standing in line. They seem to be doing a good job at social distancing.

The important part is the dino "statues" made from some tiny dino toys that came in the eggs I used for alien terrain project. I made these into statues because they were kind of chibi and didn't really look like regular dinos.

The first exhibit is just some regular toy dinos, mounted on juice bottle caps. Mr. Clean seems very interested in the one on the left...

No dinos here, but an exotic tree made from a headless seahorse and a few birds that were a stretch goal from the Dangerous Dames Kickstarter. Birds are basically dinosaurs, right?

This is my attempt at high-teck holographic displays. They are light blue with metallic blue highlights. There is a bead between the bottle cap stands and the "holograms" to make them appear to be floating.

And the piece of resistance!

These guys got some nice environments, augmented by some 1/285 trees and shrubs. The mammoths also got some 1/285 dudes, painted up to be cavement peeking from behind a bush.

I like these a lot. I will have to save some more large caps.