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Ancient Germans/Modern Figures

This week it's more about what we have done and what you can do than explicit directions. Mostly because I am culling through a bunch of old pix and don't have any WIP pictures from these projects.

They represent a wide variety of modern figures, but they have one thing in common. They are made using Waragames Factory ancient German infantry. So ... what does that really mean?

  • nekkid chests
  • or tunics
  • generic, loose fit pants
  • no shoes
  • or simple shoes/boots

Which, when you think about it is pretty much just generic, basic, and non-descript clothing. It's kind of like having a generic template mini. On their own with a good paint job, and supplemented with a few accent bits and bobs, these basic figures are amazingly flexible.

Let's start with Loose Brie and Duck Doris fighting it out.

The shirtless, loose pants figure make good modern martial artists. The referee is extensively supplemented with some bits of paper and a long, glued on thread beard. His sash is also a piece of thread. The banner holder looks perfectly like he is in modern martial arts robes; his time period is only established by context, not sculpting details.

The bill helmet makes a nice reverse ballcap for the guy in the back on the left and the automatic weapon draws our attention away from how generic the clothes are.

The other two guys in the back have leftover sci fi bits that give them enough unique character.

OK, I lied. These are not Germans. The James Bond is an unzombified zed from WGF and the Bond Girl is a 'Clix Black Canary figure. The Black Canary figure is much more nekkid than she is here. But if she's gonna wear painted on jeans, then I guess I should just paint on jeans.

And Dr. Meh is a WGF colonial Brit. But the uniform carries over well as a pseudo-Nehru jacket. The obligatory femme fatale is also a 'Clix.

Now I told you that last story, so I could tell you this one. Minions. Generic Bond-style minions. All they needed were modern weapons to take the generic clothes screaming forward in time to a couple of decades ago.

Bright, primary colors also go well with the idiom. They also are good for assigning different figures to different players. It allows you to easily recognize the differences in a bunch of generic, near identical figures.

These are a cheat, too. They are plastic zombies (with a few Judge Dredd pieces), with necron torsos. I think this makes a nice cyber-infected zed kinda guy.

Back to the Germans. Maybe members of the Scorpions. Maybe not. This shows how you can use tunic bodies and bare arms together for a tank-top effect. The basic shoes become tennis shoes with just a little added detail. They certainly don't look like it very close up, but they're decent enough in this pic and moreso on the table at arm's length.

I love these guys. Kind proud of them. Just a couple generic figures and toy animals. The sarape/blankets were made by Googling "Peruvian Blanket" and grabbing a few patterns. I scaled them down and printed them. This is a great way to add a lot of spice and variety to a horde of very similar civilians.

So, I had another leftover colonial Brit after I finished my Space 1889 army. This is what happened to him.


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