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15mm Figures

I got a bunch of 15mm figures from Rebel Minis and painted them up over the last couple of weeks. This is a set of modern police/SWAT figures. I base them on 10mm tiddlywinks. This is one of the few sets I left the tanslucent colours of the base alone instead of covering them with flat black, like the rest of my bases. I like the effect for these boys in blue.

They are assaulting an old HO train garage from a big bucket of train stuff I bought from my aunt. Mostly to get it out of her basement. I wish I had more basement...

So, speaking of flat black, here are the same figures done up as SOF. Modern figures, weapons, kit. And three colours of black (plus the flat black of the bases). So they're not completely monochromatic. Plus, they got metallic red visors as a bonus detail.

And a couple special figures. I got some modern bikers, but I do have some special fave characters. So I did a mounted and dismounted version of Ghost Rider and Judge Dredd.