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Modern Buildings

Starting out making a few more modern buildings for urban skirmish. The box in the back had an interesting shape - two cutouts that showed the product inside. Along with that, a food insert plastic spacer, corrugated cardboard, and some bits and bobs.

The corrugated board will make nice garage doors. And I added a bit in between (from an old outlet cover on an extension cord) as a mechanical control.

The food insert is added as a roof and I lined up a board game token sprue. The sprue is marked at the top of the roof with a cut line.

The template gets added under to support the roof and the leftover bit goes on the side to close off one end of the "porch", leaving the other open. Over all, this piece has some nice blocking, cover, and elevated terrain.

Moving next, this coffee can will make a nice building. I am put this other game token sprue inside to curve it. I spent a day this way, then a day upside down.

Resulting in two curved halves that I can hinge together inside with tape.

And the can fits right inside. I guled the lid upside down on the bottom of the can to make a working roof with a ledge.

Lost a few WIP. This is a cubical box with some detailed scifi bases (I don't use those for figures) glued on as windows and a semicricle door.

And here are four new, painted up buildings. Including one on the left made from a cookie tin with a corrugated cardboard door and some more scifi bases as windows.

The garage and the cookie tin got a small giftbox and some greeblies to spice up the look and give some cover for on-roof fighting.

And since all of these are open on the bottom, I made insers for inside.

The garage is just a simple floor with a piece of heavy gear in it. A pill bottle cap and a big greeblie left over from some old project.

Round and round for the coffee can. A couple dividing walls make from board game token sprues. This time, there is a piece of paper sandwitched between two identical tokens. The "T" arrangement helps the structure stay up. The circles led to a natural shape for cutting in the door between rooms.

The square building got some square tile sprues arranged on an angle. It gives it a modern, open look. Also lots of room for reaching in and moving minis. The top could be a roof or a second floor inside.

The cookie tin gets a simpler strip of of circular token sprue. These could be treated as open holes, or even interior "windows".

One extra bit ... A leftover strip of cardboard. I cut it to pieces and bent them into pie shapes. Glued together, they make a cylinder with a support structure inside.

I cut a circle that fit inside the cylinder. It rests on the Y support.

And we get a nice storage tank, with its own fife, fiddle, and drum band.