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Only repaints this week. But cool figures to work from. Both of these are Monsterpocalypse figures. Big, important ones, from what I can guess. Don't play that game ... but they're giant monkeys!

This guy is some general officer of the monkey force. But he's wearing armour of some sort. And so are all of my Karmans from AT-43. All in all, I think he fits in rather well with a simple repaint. The standard paint job that came on the figure is not great (not that mine is spectacular) ... they missed a few spots and such. The sculpt, however, is pretty easy to paint, especially for those of us with meager artistic ability.

This is the other guy, who kinda looks like a yeti. So I got him, hoping I could finish off the effect. I couldn't tell from any of the pix online, but the thing he is carrying is a giant icecycle. Bonus.

Not much repainting here, either. Just pink for the skin to match my other yetis and a couple of dark blue washes to bring out the details of (again) a mediocre paint job on a really nicely sculpted figure. I think the unifying color scheme helps work past the major differences in the figures. Even the giant monkey toy figures blend in with the others to make a reasonable yeti horde.


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