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Chaos Space Marines

Chaos Space Marines are fun to convert and paint. The most importnant thing about regular SM uniforms is that they aren't. Actually, this principle applies farily broadly. So instead of creating within somewhat strict confines, CSM give you free rein to ... let it rain.

There are some classicals in the back there, but the bug heads that came with this job lot of stuff just screamed for pinscers and such. A good use of some Dark Elf demon bits. I like how they look unnatural, but natural within the confines of their own idiom.

Moooooooooose! After grabbing this toy animal head, I may do some more Chaos Space Mooserines. But for now, this one will not go with the CSM, he goes with the Royal Kanadian Mutant Police. (I should really publish more of those scenarios...)

And aquatics. I like aquatic beasties. Everything under the ocean is so old, ancient, and to a certain extent alien. More aquatics to come ...

Not a CSM, but this is some chaos improvisation. The legs are from the HeroClix Man-Bat. His wings and head are really useful, but the body (without matching arms) doesn't go far. I've had that a lot, so I've found some space to use just legs. Well, and a HC Incredible Hulk head. The IH body is great for lots of brutish beasties, so I end up with a bucket of Hulk heads. Just a little piece of ProCreate (the grey stuff, not the green stuff), and he becomes a random demon.

Here he is with a bigger demon conversion. The Big Guy - HC Awesome Android body (He has an abstract head.), Reaper Balrog head (he got a cow head, so I had his head left), and some Mage Knight dragon wings. Oh yeah ... toy snake (post decapitation) for a tail.

Here's another set. No central theme, but continuing some of the other ones.

Closer in, I really like how the fire guy cam out. And the plant guy. Need more plant CSM. And I bought some Guardians of the Galaxy ships that came with Rocket Raccon toys, so more animal CSM.

The last new set here.

I ended up with a two-headed CSM Terminator, so I echoed it with one of the regular CSM. They could be regular and damaged, or regular and powered up. Or just best buddies!
And another aquatic. Seeeeeeehorse!

One last bit. Not really a CSM. But a demon, I guess. Another Awesome Andy body, this time with a WHF fantasy horse head. Actually, Space Marines take the horsehead pretty well.