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Gone Fishin' ... Again!

Another simple conversion made by putting the a head that "doesn't belong" with a body. These are cobbled together bodies from several sources. The interesting thing is that by choosing streamlined legs (thin, and with hooves instead of big, stompy boots) and arms (still have shoulder pads, just smaller ones), these look like "light infantry" next to the other conversions.

Metaphysically, it's interesting that the other ones weren't "heavy" infantry until I made the new ones that are "light" infantry. Game wise, by keeping the same torso, there is enough similarity to keep them all together in a single unit. But also enough easily recognizable difference (at arm's length) to give each team a different set of dice and stats.

Another technique is to use "declining figures" to represent taking wounds. For example, I might field the three single fish mechs you see here (from this conversion) as a unit. When they take damage, each gets replaced by the "heavy infantry" model on the right above (from this conversion). Then, ulitmately, down to the "light infantry" version. A reasonable approach for three capability states, and easy to implement on the board, without using damage markers.

That approach also works well with "power ups". Normally, I would start with the "heavy" variant, which allows powering up to the mech mode, or going down to the "light" mode when taking damage.


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