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Everybody Loves Skellies

I got a bunch of skeleton cavalry to support my skeleton infantry for a couple of reasons:

  • I didn't have any already.
  • They were on sale!
  • Skellies are easy to paint.

Since they were cheap, they were also not 100% with all the pieces. But that's OK. Most of the bits aligned to make full the full skellies in the last picture.

This guy with all the flames was where I collected the left over bits, since I had a few skeletal horses left after I did all the bit combinings.

The big thing was I had some extra arms and weapons without bodies and heads. The mounted guy was made with a transparent body and skeletal arms and weapons. I used a full helm shield, then inked in the transpartent part to make him a "flaming skellie".

Then I used some saran wrap to extend that motif to his mount and weapon.

And I made a nice chariot version of the same figure.

And like most of my chariots, the figure can dismount. Because I had that, I mounted the flaming skellie horse on a magnet, so it can dismount, too. This gives me a mounted leader, a chariot leader and a dismounted both leader and mount for options. As well as an abandoned (stand by?) chariot.

And I made a bigger chariot where I can add some regular skellie infantry.

Swelled with the success of that bit collection part, I moved on to another challenge ... I had a few guys missing only heads. So I stole some samurai heads for them.

Even though they are not samurai skeleton heads, if you paint them up right and put them on the skellie bodies, they work well. The helmet finishes off the illusion of only a skull in there.

So these guys will provide some cavalry support for my other Japanese undead figures.

And since I'm on the topic of cheap, easy to paint skellies, I thought I would show these. They were free from a friend who got them for a 54mm Jason and the Argonauts project that he decided not to do. And, of course, they are cheap toy "army men" anyway.

So I used the same black primer undercoat that I do for most of my undead.

But they are not 28mm, and I don't have 54mm forces.

They do, however, make good fantasy giant skeletons!

And, if you cover the eye sockets with greenstuff and dig out a hole in the center, they make good cyclops skellies, as well.

Like the other cheap ones, some of them were in disrepair. In this case I had the opposite issue ... too many heads for the number of usable bodies. An issue that is easily remidied!

That leaves us with one loose end to tie up ... what to do with headless samurai figures? Give them other heads! And in this case, tails too!