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Zombies and a Crypt

We're starting with some Zombiecide zeds. Got 'em on sale for less than $1 each. I am going to use the gameboard colour scheme in my paint up for general tabletop use.
I'm having the base colours line up with the production plastic colours. There will be two sets of them in b&w (which will go well with my other black and white minis. And a radio active green set and a pulpy bloody set. I can use them all as a homogeneous set, as different types of zed (with different stats), or have red/yellow/b&w be a damage progression indicator.

The base colour is going to be done with my marbling painting technique. You can see the pink and white dollops of paint in the "palette". As I paint the brown/red ones, I will mix the paint lightly, then apply. It mixes a little in the palette and a little on the figure. This gives a nice organic effect with variation and shade and not much work.
The green and white splotch on the left is how the paint looks after I have painted with it (I did the yellow/greenines first). Not separate colours, but not fully mixed either

Here's the result. I've added the base colour(s), wash, and highlight for each scheme. Clothes will be next, but let's break to the other half of this ... some terrain appropriate for zeds.

The standy up bit is the frame that tokens for the board game King of Monster Island were punched out from. Highly recommend KoMI. It's cooperative against the game and has some nice mechanics, including a cool volcano dice tower.

But, the frame is not for tokens, it is the front piece for some gothic arches. Behind the arches, I will put statues, so enter a bunch of HeroClix.

Here's the final test fit with three sizes and a floor. I chose to make the interior of the box dark dark dark grey, so the light hitting the statues (from the room) will create a good contrast. I hope.

Here they are with various stages of roof. These will make nice blocking and elevated terrain with a creepy gothic character to them.

Put it together and we have my ninja schoolgirls fighting zeds in the crypt beneath St. Hortence's School for Wayard Girls and Rugby Players. With a special guest oni on the side. I thought the picture composition needed it.

Here's a good shot of the finished zeds head on. The different colour schemes do not really break up the group as a homogeneous horde. They actually help with having multiple copies of the same pose in a highly irregular unit.

And this is the good shot of the statue alcoves. The ambient light in the room is having the highlight and shadow effect I was going for. There's enough detail to be interesting, but not so much as to be distracting.
With four schoolgirls on the team, I feel the bad guys are seriously outmatched here.