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Blister Pack Rock Terrain

Plastic blister packs. The come custom shrink formed to hold all kinds of consumer goods. Then we open the pack up, get our stuff, then throw the packaging away. Well ... not if you're a wargamer. If you're a wargamer, you can make something out of that.

In this case, they all fit in a 6"x6" area. That happens to be a standard tile size I already have for some modular ruins, so I made some new base plate tiles from thin cardboard.

Each blister gets placed on a tile, then I trace around the outer edge.

I paint some regular PVA glue along the outline.

Then sculpt (in the most liberal meaning of the word) some Crayola air dry clay along the outline.

After a little more glue along the top of the clay, push the blister down into the custom footer and let the clay dry.

I spray painted them all grey as a primer (to give the different materials a uniform surface to paint on) and as a base colour.

I added a little grey highlighting and my basic dirt terrain - 1 part wood glue, 1 part sand, 1 part brown (in this case) paint. The dirt also gets some highlighting and a black wash.

The finishing touch are some plant fronds taken from those big plastic garlands. If you wait for a change of seasons or holidays, your FLCS should have last season's garland full plant bits on sale. That's what I do.

Here are a couple blister rock formations alongside some of the modular ruins.

They make good terrain for these 40mm chibi fantasy guys.

As well as these 28mm adventurers checking out this cute little baby dragon. I have a feeling this scene ends the same way as when tourists visit where I grew up and check out the cute little baby bear cubs.