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Do you know the Mushroom Man?

Fairy garden mushrooms. They are good for adding to my Gnome Village terrain, but also for making fantasy mushroom monsters.
I didn't snap a pic, but I got these ones too. They're foam, so you can work on them pretty easy. They also come with floral wire attached, so you don't need to find spears.

So, pretty simple, paint them up and attach spears with little globs of clay. I like that these guys are not turned into bipedal human bodies with mushroom heads. While I like the B-Movie monster vibe, sometimes I want my monsters to be more monstrous and my aliens to be more alien.

Unlike these. The big ones are just some 3" Heroclix figures, decapitated, then topped with 'shroom heads. I used thin card circles covered with a thin layer of Knedatite. The armitures help give the heads some shape and a more consistent size than doing it by hand.
You could really use any "armiture" for sculpting you want. I have other things where I use fin foil balls. I but a tin foil ball, cut in half would make a good domed 'shroom head template.

The conehead 'shroom was mad by ... rolling the paper circle into a cone.
While the ones with spears, clubs, etc. can be used for pulp, fantasy, and sci-fi, I gave the two on female bodies (one in the left in this pic) sci fi weapons. With the understanding that, in a pinch, every weapon is a blunt force weapon.

And here's the whole family.
I guess I lost the WIP pics of the intermediate sized ones. They are intermediate in design, too. They are Heroclix Hulk (or Hulk-like) bodies, but I gave all of them an extra arm. Halfway between non-human and more-human.