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Snake Women

This is a great little conversion piece from the ill-fated HorrorClix line. Part of what makes it great is the ill-fate of the line; you can grab up a handful of these for a song. And they have great conversion potential. The snake head is great, can go on all types of bodies, and pretty much justifies the pittance you pay for them. But when you're done with the recapitations, don't toss the dross. That body splits right down the middle into two fun-for-conversion snake sections.

Nothing difficult here, for (about) half of these, I put women's heads on them, and the other half, women's torsos. I think according to Gygaxian cannon, that makes the ones in the back nagae and the others gorgons.

The heads are just grafted on, and will work fine. The trick is to whittle down each surface until you have a believable joint. For the gorgons, we need to do something about the wasteline. Enter one of my favourite quick-tricks -- papier mâché! While it is not as sturdy as plastic or metal after glue, primer, paint, highlights, washes, and sealer, it's tough enough for gaming use. Also, in this case, unless you pick the figures up by the strips of cloth that hang down, you really aren't putting any pressure on them to handle the figs.

I went with redbodies on these. The yellow underbelly color and fleshtone were blended back and forth into each other for the transition. I highlighted the scales with metallic red paint, which gives them a faint shimmer. The bodies and heads are all over the place. The different angles does a good job at hiding the fact that there are only two differnt snake bodies.

And the gorgons. These ones have brown bodies, to match some other half snake, half human minis I have. Again, a little variation in the positioning and it doesn't seem like there are only two different snake bodies (and only one archer torso!). The papier mâché bits have done a good job to cover the transition from human to snake with wispy, hanging cloth bits.


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