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Ninja Anime Raccoon Girls

These are some HeroClix figures. I got them pretty cheap and always like the variety of hand to hand combat figures. In this case, I am going to use the heads and tails of Rocket Raccoon figures to turn them into anime raccoon girls.

Since I want a team, I will apply a uniform paint scheme that will go over top of the non-uniform clothing. I debated a lot on this and decided to go with white and light blue. This matches some of my other ninja and acrobat figures. It was based on the luchadors from the Hellboy in Mexico story. That gives the ability to integrate this team with the others.

Here is the whole group in the new form. I like how the colour scheme provides unification across the different figures.

These are the two unarmed figures. Gotta love someone who runs into a fight without a wepaon. Confidence!

The next level up is NARG with bo sticks.

And swords!

Here's a tail shot. I decided to give each tail a unique angle and direction, but also to try to align with the general movement of the figure.