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Night at the Museum

So, using the modular mansion stuff, I set up a board for Night at the Museum.

Here's an overview of the board, ready for a game.

Dinosaurs are always a good time at the museum. Regardless of how "historical" your games are, if you play one in a museum, you get to have dinosaurs.

You just have to play a less historical one if you want them to move on their own...

Two farmer sets: Some cows and a cowherd. Two guys in sarapes with a couple of llamas that were converted from deer. The sarapes and llama blankets were just paper printed with miniaturized Andean patterns.

A Japanese drum set one one side. And some (unreasonably) giant red pandas on the other.

A set of Maori converted from Zulu figures.

One wooly mammoth. Two entelodonts.

And the last part is the first part. A park with trees at the entryway.


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