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Necron Conversions

So this turned out to be a horrible pic. Lesson learned. Bits don't stand out well against the random splotches on my painting board. But I think you can still see: 8 full Necrons, 1 parital, and 3 extra legs (I put some 'Crons in vehilces so I didn't need the legs).
The three extra legs will be used with tree of the Necrons to make Robot Centaurs.
What could be better than five Necrons? Six Robots! Since the models ome in five pieces (head, torso, legs, l arm, r arm), I can sub in one random piece in the five omplete and have one extra robot left. This is also good for zeds.
And the one partial will just be a partial bot.

I used the Necron guns to make horse bodies and put the legs on the back.
The paint scheme is supposed to be steampunk, so I went with copper, brass, and gold along with some silver.

Left arm, head, and right arm subs on these.

And on the left, we have the blue torso sub, the one with all the spare parts (so, I guess it is a regular Necron), and the subbed legs.
Also, the partial bot is in the front, but ...

Time for my close up, Mr. DeMille.
A couple of spare wires added to the random and broken bits, and we have a WIP-bot.

And, the next close up ... a robocentaur.

Torso guy and regular guy show off the paint scheme.

And an overhead shot. I like taking these, since this is how they appear most of the time when on the table in a game. Gotta look good from above.