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Naked Barbarians

One of the things working with HeroClix is that there are a ton of figures in skintight spandex. It's kind of key to the genre. This was very useful for my male strippers project, where I just painted over Superman's spandex top while he was ripping off his suit. The top just became a bare chest.

This time I am using sixteen figures like the six pictured above. Basically spandex clad heroes, so really, the sculpt is just human musculature with the costume painted on.

Here are the eight ladies. I left Power Girl's cape on, but painted over the rest. She was also the only female figure where I had to carve down boot tops to be flush with the leg.

Besides adding weapons and shields, the rest is just paint, wash and highlighting.

And the eight men. These ones needed a bit added in front of the crotch. I could have shaved the crotch down and then added the extra bit, but I decided to add on top.

I just used a bit of wood by splintering a wooden swizzle stick with my nippers then selecting appropriate sized bits. This set also has a cape - Superboy, Power Girl's cousin (or something like that), not shown in the initial pic. But it's a dude in a cape and a spandex suit. You can figure it out.

In this set, I am pleased with the second archer in from the left. It was a Harley Quinn figure where I removed the gun hand and added a bow hand.

Apparently spandex and swords go together, so I didn't have do arm anyone here but the Power Girl leader figure.

In this set, the guy on the left did not get the added bit. He is Captain Atom, the center bottom figure in the first pic. Becuase of his dyamic pose with the leg up, the extra bit would be hidden, so it wasn't added.

In this set, I am very happy with the sword and shield guy. Hes the Green Lantern in the upper left of the first pic. I had to remove the GL construct stuff and was left with a very dynamic pose. Sometimes that works. Sometimes not. I think it worked well this time.