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This is one in a series of projects building units (the smallest autonomous forces) for Brigade Games' Gnome Wars. It's a nice little game, and plays well at conventions. We heard about it at the Old Dominion Military Society's semi-annual gaming conference. Had a good time at the con playing and really like the figures. So we got some, but, of course, we can't just paint 'em up and go, so here is our take on the Japanese gnome set.

This is a pretty simple project. Almost no conversion or addition, I am just painting them up. I am going to try to make these guys not just a part of Gnome Wars, but also compatible with other Japanese fantasy and historical (used in fantasy scenarios) figures. Their stylized, oversized faces and chunky stature will not only make them good oni, but in a purely historical setting, I could easily use them as costumed parade participants. When I lived in Maborikaigan, they had a festival with a parade and party at the park every three or four weeks.

So here they are painted up. I used red metallic paint for thier skin because it follows tradition oni descriptions. It is also what I used on my other Japanses oni and ogres. You can see how the terra cotta Rustoleum as primer was a good choice now. There are acutally nine different shades of metallic colors in their armour. I used metallic silver, gold, and copper Sharpies and overlaid them with orange, ochre, and yellow ink. I've always like the ink on paint effect, where you can get it to be applied well. The only mod is I glued some translucent orange plastic fire on the comets (well, Gnome Wars says they are rice balls) that the grenadiers are throwing. The ultrafine black Sharpie helped me get the Japanese for "rocket" on the rockets. It's there so they don't forget what weapon they have. It's also there because it was the only kanji/hirigana that I could reproduce on such a small surface -- I really wanted "raining fire" or "techno dragon", but those weren't happening.

So here they are against some non-gnome opponents. I think the chunkiness and exaggerated features works well with the whole Japanese supernatural motif.

And they match up pretty well with my other oni, ogres, and other kami.


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