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40K Chaos Forces - Slaanesh

Here's a nice Slaaneshi force that finally provides somebody for my Doom Rider to play with!
I converted these from some cheap, second-hand space marines that I picked up and went with classic noise marines. Not a big fan of the new ones. They are well done and have a great scifi vibe and details. But they kind of look like every other scifi infantry force out there. And I like the 80's metal vibe of classic noise marines.

Here are the basics. Four guitar players and one leader type in the middle with a pyrotechnic engine on his back. I used the same technique for the guitars that I did on my Orc KISS band

. Position the arms, then cut a paper neck and use some spare bits to make the body of the guitar.
I added a few mohawks for some additional 80's feel and put amplifiers on their backs instead of backpacks. Really, what is more important?

I also felt like adding a couple terminators. So, a Drumminator and a Tubanator!
The drumset was progressively added to the body. I feel pretty good about the blue lightning coming from the drumsticks. I suppose in 40K that could make him a librarian, but we all know drummers can't read ... I think the cymbal/gong on top is actually a Skaven bit. As long as it's loud and percussive, I think it works.
The tuba is a cybernetic flesh/machine mix, which I believe is a thing for Slaanesh. Plus I like tubas ... I used to play one and I've done a few other conversions of musicians into tuba or susaphone players. They're different things. Look it up. Anyway, since it has schlorpy biological components, I assume it has to be fed and thus will pass gas on occaision. And it's a tuba, so ...

Speaking of percussion ... needs more cowbell.

Along with the cowbell player, we have some more exotic NOIZE makers and a couple of just regular shooty and flying around dudes. From left to right:

  • Guy with a trashcan lid and a broom. Have you seen Stomp?
  • Lightning Claws (pretty easy to make from thin card and add to the fist). But not just lightning claws ... lightning claws scratching on a blackboard. The logistical overhead is well worth the effect. Plus, somebody drew a picture of the Emperor of Mankind with stinklines!
  • Boombox and Mr. Microphone. The bits ended up a little subdued, so I added a big Slaanesh symbol to his back made out of plastic steampunk jewelry gears.
  • Still needs more cowbell.
  • Flying guy. Living near military bases all of my adult life means I am familiar with people who get cheap land then complain about jet noise. So he needed wings.
  • This is just a heavy weapons guy, with a regular Earth-Shattering-Kaboom-a-tron.

Always needs more cowbell. And this shot gives you a view of the amps. It's just a simple fold paper box with speakers printed on one side. It's not closed on the bottom in case I want to attach them to something later, or maybe run some wires into them.
The Emperor wears combat boots. Well, he does, doesn't he?
And the jet guy has a scorpion tail. Because reasons.

Not sure what this robo-behemoth equates to in the 40K universe. Maybe a dreadnought/hellbrute since the occupant is, in fact dead. While this may just be an augmented demon lord, we all know who the real PRINCE of pleasure is ... right? The symbol even looks fairly Slaaneshi.

And last, but not least, a rhino.
I know white helms and split helms are not really Slaaneshi, but, come on, it's the Phantom of the Opera!
Swizzle sticks, thin dowels, and straws made the pipes. The keyboard is just a few layered thin card segements, painted up with keys. The book is a Skaven bit again, and the holder is a familiar from the Kings of War succubi set.

This view means it is going away from you. Best view ever.
Also, the hatch covers up front are translucent tiddly winks. When I get some more post season sale tea lights, I plan to bore a hole in the bottom and light this guy up!

And speaking of KOW succubi, here they are. I like this sculpt better than the claw handed GW ones. That kind of contradicts my earlier preference, since that makes these more generic and less unique like the GW daemonettes. Hey, the heart wants what they heart wants.
There are twenty, organized into four squads of five. Each squad has a leader with the squad idetifying weapon in one hand and a whip in the other. There is also an NCO with the weapon and a hand axe/counseling tool. Other than that, they are organized by weapon type.
The set doesn't come with flyers. I reallocated these wings from Heroclix Fury minis (the same ones whose heads I use for my Daughters of Malal

). And since they will be flying, I decided to rellocate some ancients bows for them.