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Necron Terrain

I figure I should post my old 3D printer projects before I start posting the ones I will do with the new 3D printer DOM bought me for Father's Day.

So, here's a simple bit. A wall panel with a Necron like symbol in it. I like the lines on the surface, as they hint at teeny bits of all kinds of tech greeblies on the surface.

This is the basic concept. A tower, monlith, phonebooth ... whatever the undead robots from 40,000 years in the future need.

And I had some extra panels, so here's a partially destroyed one. Very useful. Space marine in situ so you can see that it's a very large phone booth. 'Crons call in style, yo!

And the basic tower can use a little style too. Here I've grafted a big LED and a 9V battery on to an electronic tea light base.

And since Necrons are green. (They are, too!) I will slide some green translucent panels inside with the light.

And we get this!

Big picture less in the dark.