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HO Trucks for 28mm and 15mm

I've done some HO stuff already and mixed it up with some 15mm. So, continuing that trend, this is an HO truck. That's what the wheel and suspension assembly for a train is called.

This one is just the width of a 25mm base, which is what I use for 28mm singles (and 6mm units). But I thought we were doing 15mm ... Let's pause and come back to that later.

But where am I going to put it? Well, here is some corkboard squares and some HO track. I selected the switches and straight pieces to make a trainyard type layout. It took a little futzing, but I found something that I liked.

Then I glued two cork squares to an underlying piece of mdf and glued the track down on top.

So this gives me the ability to have those trainyard battles in 15mm.

And just for completeness, these are the movement trays I used.

I designed them in an online CAD program (simple shapes) and 3D printed them on a hand-me-down that I have. I based the design on a hex with seven (20mm base sized) divots in them. Then I cut out the smaller hex and chevron from the main design. This gives me a "cluster" formation. Good for skirmishing.

So, back to the trucks. This one got a thin card base on top, with wood plank pattern, and some bits of sprue to make ... um ... I think it is called a hand car. You, know the pumpy up and down see saw lever thing you see all the time in movies.

Two 15mm figures on their base fit right on.

Here we have another use for spare bits of things. This is either a steampunk or scifi laser drill, depending on what scenario it is being used for.

And now for the piece of resistance. I am fitting a piece of thin card to the truck. Sure, I could measure and lay it out. In this case, I am just folding the thin card up on the sides and front/back a little wider than the truck (that is the same size as that 25mm base ... remember?).

I folded the sides up and in at an angle, then brought the front and back up on the outside. This looks like a little dorky boat ...

But when I take those scissors and snip the top level, it makes a nice gondola car. Much easier than measuring and cutting a bunch of funky shapes and angles.

So this is why we measured against the 25mm base. I can get three 28mm figures in the gondola car, so this is ready for one of those zoomy through the mine in a car without brakes action scenes.

Now, I just need to make another one for the bad guys.