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One Tank. Two Tank.

I bought some leftover tank bits (OK ... APC bits. I'm calling them tanks for the rest of this.) It was the sides of the WH40K rhino. I got two left and two right sides. Sixteen bucks. I figured I could fill in the middle, and at $8 each, how bad could they be?. I also got a bunch of the armour plates and hatches 'n' stuff.

The basic idea is cut a strip of thin card (cereal box) the width of the tank and splotch the sides on. Works pretty well.

This is the point where I found out I had one left and three right sides. They are not symmetric - the front has a longer/shallower slope than the back. Fortunately, I was expecting to make on "regular" and one "chaos". I believe chaosification will cover for the wierdness of two right sides on one vehicle.

And it did turn out fine, anyway. One thing I didn't get in the bits buy was treads. Enter thin strips of corrugated cardboard, squashed flat. Since the sides have the wheels integrated, this was easy-peasy.

Then we add the decor. The SM is going to be a basic APC (basic plus ... but we'll get to that). The chaos one is a tank, so I got a turret off an old tank model I had. And since it's chaos, I pimped it up a bit.

The "plus" for the APC is several options to fill the hatch. I will use my 1" diameter hole punch and some refrigerator magnet to allow them to attach/detach. I'm putting a magnet inside the hatch and one one the bottom of the gear, similar to the way I did for my modern vehicles with options.

So, here's how Ol' Blue looks with a missile pod in the hatch hole. Pretty decent for $8.

I swapped in the closed hatch, and lined up the other options - dude in hatch, dude with guns, and big gun. Because of the 1" standard, I can also use the gear for the vehicles with these, and vice-versa.

I put the APC vertical to show the hatch holding on. Will 'fridge magnet hold a 40,000 Kiloton load? No. But it will hold a bit of plastic if you're not throwing it around like a softball.

Now red. Beside the turret and spiky bits, I decorated it with corpses. There's a Vlad the Impalier victim on the gun and a bunch of heads on the side of the turret.

And the other view shows using some casualty figures (I don't really like casualty figures, but I have a few and I thought this was a good usage.) The dude being dragged behind the tank is chained to it with a piece of string using my chain-knot technique.

Again, not bad for $8. and I still have a ton of other plates and hatches and such. Those will be great for 40King other vehicles or even buildings.