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Chaotic Oni

I think Chaotic was a cartoon and a card battle game. Apparently, they also made a board game. Apparently, it didn't do well as I picked this one up on a discount sale for a couple of bucks.

The figures are soft plastic, and about half of them are not to my liking (more on the rest of them later). Of course, not to my liking doesn't mean bad. It just means I don't like that particular anime style of very small heads on big, hulking bodies. So, I guess that makes it decapitation time!

And the recapitation comes from skulls I took off a cheap plastic Halloween necklace. I love those skulls. They are no more or less in realistic (can I use that word with respect to oni?) proportions than the heads I took off, but (1) I like the way they look, (2) they paint up quite nice, especially when you consider three necklaces with a dozen or so skulls each cost a dollar. (The bones on the necklaces are also very useful as bits!)

And to make a short story shorter ... here they are!

Between orienting the heads in different directions and the fact that the soft plastic game pieces are not terribly uniform, we get enough variety to make the crowd of oni look like a crowd rather than a few rows of terra cotta warriors.

The coloring seems to blend the two different body types together well enough to make a "single" type of oni. And the skull shape works well to make that wild, crazy oni expression. All in all, not bad for the investment, and they will blend well with my other various oni.


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