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So, Sharknado is not good enough. We need an orcnado!

For the base, we start with a big round insert base and glue two fender washers on the inside. The flip it over and glue a roofing nail and an extra fender washer on the "bottom", which is now the top of the base.

The multiple fender washers will give some stability to the axle and also some weight to the base, since we expect the orcnado to be tall, and extend past the footprint of the base. Also, we want it to spin.

So, since we want it to spin, I am wrapping some paper around a coffee straw (small diameter) and gluing it inside a drinking straw (larger diameter). Again, reinforcing the bit with paper and glue makes it more rigid.

That allows me to build a cone and fix it to the straw sleeve, then slide that over the nail. The nail got wrapped in scotch tape until it just fit inside the sleeve. While scotch tape isn't great for terrain, being inside the sleeve, means it won't come off, and it provides a nice, low friction surface when snug inside the sleeve.

Also, since I am making a pretty tight cone with the thick cardstock (yes, Llama Loops are a real cereal), I used the easter egg to mold the cone around. That gave me some stability in the shape. Keeping with the reinforcement theme, the cone gets wrapped in duct tape. Now it's a solid little piece.

So, let's bring on the orcs!

Or in this case, orc bits. This is a great way to use up some bits, gluing them to the torado cone. I decided to go with green orcs, so I painted them up before ...

... spread some PVA (cow glue), pat on some stretched out cotton ball, repeat.

And repeat until you are finished.

I coated the finished piece with clear matte, then painted white horizontal stripes to give it some motion.

And we put him in with a band of orcs.

Big pic here